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Belinda Strodder

award winning

Voted as Victoria's favourite dance photographer in 2014.

Success is no accident. It takes dedication to create unique dance images and most of all, a passion for what you are doing.

Gone are the days of mundane photo shoots, static poses and boring photographs.
Right from the beginning Belinda decided to develop the art of dance school photography.
Her photo sessions are energetic and educational. She captures all of the personality, movement and fun.
She encourages dancers to extend their abilities to celebrate achievements and promote self esteem.


"We've been blown away! There's no comparison to our previous photographs. Yours are amazing." Claire Hartnett







something new

Great photography makes your school stand out from the rest.

Images are powerful. They can tell a story, persuade, inspire, and much more. And with a dance school around every corner these days, you need to look even more professional than ever.

But not only that - the experience of fun dance photo day and stunning quality photographs is a real asset to your school.

• No cost to your studio
• Free photographs to promote your studio
• A valuable and fun experience for your students
• Fliers/notices supplied and orders directly with parents
• Private customised webpage and online viewing


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Belinda's work speaks for itself.


""Thank you for being so patient with the children - the photographs are astonishing!" Cyndi Smythe




latest work

for dance and theatre

"You have a wonderful eye for what the dancer wants to see
and a knack for capturing the most telling and expressive moments"
Karen Van Ulzen - Dance Australia Magazine












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